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The cryptocurrency quarter is wherein things change in the blink of an eye fixed. New technologies, the main gamers inside the market and tendencies change a lot faster than in every other industry. From the existing point of view, many exciting trends seem viable. However, this chaotic industry should provide greater opportunities inside the coming months, and the whole thing we’ve seen before can be overtaken with the aid of something definitely tremendous. Be careful with what its far!

The COVID-19 pandemic has paralyzed, disrupted, and shut down many industries and has made people reconsider their attitudes in the direction of many things in existence. Previously questionable practices inclusive of running remotely or paying with cryptocurrency have turn out to be substantially vital and appear to persist even after the pandemic ends. It is time to take away coins, and we should take a step closer to a new fine of lifestyles, the blockchain quarter that will help us do simply that.

And I think each of us is needed, myself included. In life, entertainment is an indispensable need of every human being as well as you. So coming to today’s article I will introduce to you a channel that I just discovered that makes me feel very happy and satisfied with the features in Futurov, why am I talking about this. Come with me to learn about the uniqueness and uniqueness of the fairly new TV channel project and let’s feel these interesting special things with me through the following article.

What is Futurov ?

Futurov is a community owned multi-media entertainment aggregator and end-to-end NFT hub in V/AR bringing th entire crypto and legacy world’s offerings into one place while also producing original motion picture through our EU licensed partners From live TV, shows and financial education to movies and animations, we are a decentralised, non-profit organisation & self sustainable entertainment ecosystem. Currently, we are bringing all of the worlds free and legally streamable TV as well as licensing and rights our agents, Agenz LTD, are actively acquiring. Our app was built purely for promotional purposes and in no way do we charge or charge for any of our services or your data. Along with the deflationary governance token mentioned above, we are designing an inflationary rewards token that automatically and trustlessly pays creators, distributors and license holders. This will not only end up providing a pioneering solution to piracy, it is also a novel way of monetising free markets without charging users and allowing them to remain as free and anonymous as they wish.And you can experience it firsthand here .


The FTV team will be taking screenshots of investor wallets and plans to airdrop the new FTV token to shareholders and liquidity providers who incurred loses. Right now, the FTV team are planning on how this will take place but investors can be rest assured that:

  1. This will not happen again,
  2. This will be corrected,
  3. The FTV team will work with you,
  4. and that Futurov will come back stronger than ever.

OTT App: An ecosystem that allows access to all of the world’s networks. From athletic events and YouTube updates and cryptocurrency sites such as Theta and LBRY.
Originals: A set of all of the above that can eliminate the designers’ constraints and ensure the best quality of their creations.
NFT Launch Pad, Market, and VR / AR Showcase: A space for emerging artists to debut their NFT Films and legendary labels to debut their VR / AR collectibles.
Educational station: A platform where users can gain cryptocurrency when learning about economics, politics, and cryptocurrency ventures.
Social media and p2p review network: Cinema and digital memory are places that people can communicate, participate, and connect.
Memes station: A one-of-a-kind channel devoted to memes, fresh meme content, meme trends, and so on.

Token FTV

The FTV token is based on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network, which is a blockchain network designed to run smart contract-based applications, giving users the best of both worlds: BC’s high tradability and BSC smart contract features. What makes Binance Smart Chain unique is its low fees and high transaction speed, but what makes it so much more unique is its compatibility with the EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine). Ethereum-based DApps can be transferred (imported into Binance Smart Chain as-is) due to EVM compatibility, and Ethereum wallets like Metamask can be used as-is.

Name : Futurov Token
Ticker : FTV
Initial Supply : 8,000,000,000
Final Supply: 1,000,000,000

Governance: Token holders suggest, vote and implement cancellations, renewals & additions.
Currency: Being the core currency of the d’app allows for free and instant transactions
Rewards: Token holders receive airdrops (NFT’s). From tickets to events, merch or collectables
Staking: High interest rates for locking in tokens while also earning the rarest of NFT air drops
Engagement: An inflationary fuel token released with community votes deciding tokenomics
Filmanthropy: A TBD % of the fuel tokens will be allocated to industry specific philanthropy


I see in Futurov there am still many interesting things that maybe the project does not want to publicize, basically this is an easy project with a full information and a development ability and I think if Futurov in an operation, it will be the protocol that projects desperately need in this market.

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The Author

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